How to do effective EFT Tapping – Testing after Tapping! – #7 in the Fundamentals Series

One of the things that Gary Craig tries to stress in his training is to “test” after doing the effective EFT Tapping work. You want to see if there is any emotional charge left in (or around) the incident.  And if there is any emotional charge left, then you know that more tapping needs to be done. 

Testing your results after  Tapping is an important aspect of effective EFT Tapping

Testing your results after Tapping is an important aspect of effective EFT Tapping

Sometimes you need to get a little bit creative to do the testing.  It is often best to start with “mild” tests before going to the more intense ones.  The testing may be as simple as having the client tell all about the incident and see if any emotion comes up. 

They could have them tell the story from beginning to end, checking each moment, and expected emotional peak, to see if there is any emotional charge left.

A somewhat more aggressive testing could be done by having them close their eyes and VIVIDLY imagine the details, to see if all of the charge is off of the incident.  The key, though, is that they should let you know if anything comes up, because that is an indication that more tapping can be done in order to do even more effective EFT Tapping and get deeper results.

Testing for aspects is important to get the most effective EFT Tapping results.

As mentioned earlier in this series, it is important to break the issue down into it’s component parts, and test from there as well.  While it would be great to help someone get over their fear of seeing a spider, you can get even more effective EFT Tapping results by testing for seeing a moving spider too. Not feeling fear around a stationary spider is not enough.  And remember to test for the spider moving in three-dimensions too.  Testing for a spider falling toward them from above would likely get a significant emotional response if that particular aspect has not been cleared yet too.

After completing an EFT Tapping session with a client, I remind them that if they do feel an emotional response to something similar to what we addressed in-session, it doesn’t mean that EFT Tapping hasn’t worked. It more likely means that they have bumped into a new aspect of that issue that wasn’t addressed during the session. The good news is that if they do run into that situation, they already know how to tap, and they can start tapping right then.  I like to remind my clients that “relief is as close as your fingertips, with EFT Tapping!

If you are new to EFT Tapping, you can learn it quickly and easily with the free EFT Quick Start Video Learning System.  And be sure to print out the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet too.

How to do effective EFT Tapping – Tell The Story Technique! – #6 in the Fundamentals Series

One of the tapping strategies that I will often use I refer to as the Tap-And-Tell Technique, and it leads to some very effective EFT Tapping. Basically what I will do is tell the story of what is upsetting to me or what’s bothering me while continuously tapping my way through the EFT tapping points. I will usually do multiple rounds of tapping as I am continuously tapping through the points while I’m telling the story. What I find for myself is that the emotional intensity falls away fairly quickly with a few rounds of tapping.

Tell The Story Technique is great for effective EFT Tapping

Tell The Story Technique is great for effective EFT Tapping

This is a bit of a different approach than Gary Craig teaches in his “Tell The Story Technique” training, which can be found here:   In that case, the idea is to start out by telling the story of the incident, from the beginning.  But you stop to do some EFT Tapping any time that the emotional intensity, or SUDS, increases much beyond a zero.  The idea here is to nibble away at the emotional intensity while it is still relatively low.  You wan to be sure to bring it back down every time it starts to climb, thus minimizing the emotional intensity each step of the way. This process definitely creates very effective EFT Tapping sequences.

One other interesting thing that I’ve noticed when I used the Tap-and-Tell technique, is that my focus and intention will often shift as I go through the tapping process. It’s not at all unusual for my focus to shift to various aspects of an incident as I’m telling the story.

Try the Tap-And-Tell Technique for Effective EFT Tapping

But what I find a little bit surprising sometimes is the realization toward the end of the tapping, that my intention has shifted also. Sometimes, when we are upset because we feel like we have been wronged by someone else, there may be an unstated intention that comes out as part of the tapping – to make that person wrong for doing what they did to us. If you’re anything like me, you may not be “the most kind and generous person” when you’re upset. Sometimes I find that part of my intention with the things that I voice, as I’m tapping and telling the story, is to verbalize how wrong that person is for what they did to me. Especially at the beginning of the tapping sequence, when I’m the most upset about it, I feel totally justified by ranting and raving about how wrong that person was for what they did to me.

The nice thing that I’ve noticed is that by the end of several rounds of effective EFT tapping I will often find that my viewpoint has shifted a bit. There are times where I will shift from being in battle with the person about how wrong they were for what they did, to realizing that they probably were having a bad day also, and were just responding to their triggered state or their upset, and they really were doing the best that they could – in spite of how it may look to the outside world.

Once I get to that point, I know that I really have released the upset and I can move on with my day and not worry about it bothering me more anymore.

I have found this “Tap-And-Tell” technique so useful, that I created a website around that idea. While it may not be as “politically correct” as “Tap-And-Tell” it certainly has a much more memorable name.  Go check it out hereand you can learn how to use “Tap-And-Bitch” to create some effective EFT Tapping for you too!

How to do effective EFT Tapping – Tearless Trauma Technique! – #5 in the Fundamentals Series

The Tearless Trauma Technique is a great way to do effective EFT Tapping

The Tearless Trauma Technique is a great way to do effective EFT Tapping

One of the most powerful segments of Gary Craig’s original EFT training, especially for people who had trauma, is what he describes as The Tearless Trauma Technique. If you are not familiar with that, and especially if you or someone you’re working with has trauma in their history which will be addressed with EFT tapping, then I would strongly suggest going back and watching Gary Craig’s Tearless Trauma Technique Training by clicking here:

I remember watching Gary’s training videos called 6 Days At The VA.  Gary worked with some Vietnam vets who had been under the Veteran Administration’s care for a number of years because of their painfully intrusive memories from their Vietnam experience.

Gary used a variety of his best techniques with those Vet’s in order to help them get past their PTSD difficulties.  It was truly amazing to watch the transformation these men went through as they were following along with Gary and tapping through their very traumatic memories.  Gary, always the consummate professional, carefully walked them through the tapping process.  There were so many great tips, tricks, and teaching points in those videos that it’s hard to name just a few.

The three-point craving sequence for effective EFT Tapping

My favorite easy to use tip from that training is for cravings.  He was working with one particular Vet who smoked and wanted to quit.  In addition to the normal tapping approaches that Gary used in session with him, Gary also showed him the three-point craving sequence – Side of the Eye, Collar Bone, and Under the Arm.  Gary taught him to focus on the craving and tap repeatedly through those three points.  It was fascinating to watch the Vet’s face light up as his craving shifted from quite high down to a zero.

That craving EFT Tapping sequence can be used for most cravings in order to “take the edge off of it.”  So next time you find yourself craving something, and you would rather not, try tapping on the SE, CB, UA sequence for yourself, and I’ll bet you find that is a very effective EFT Tapping trick.

How to do effective EFT Tapping – Multiple Round Of Tapping! – #4 in the Fundamentals Series

Doing multiple rounds of tapping is very important in order to be able to do effective EFT Tapping

Doing multiple rounds of tapping is very important in order to be able to do effective EFT Tapping

Doing multiple rounds of tapping is probably the most common approach used by people doing EFT.  While we all love the one-minute-wonders, as Gary Craig calls them, it most often takes more than one round to do effective EFT Tapping and get the real results that you want.

It is important to understand what is meant by multiple rounds of EFT Tapping. This gets a little confusing sometimes because you can consider “a round of tapping” either:

A single set of tapping through the Tapping Points,(EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, CB, UA, Top)

or you can consider it

The full sequence of giving the issue a SUDS Rating, then doing the Setup – tapping on the Karate Chop spot while saying the setup phrase and focusing on the issue – along with at least two sets of tapping through each of the points.

I generally think of “multiple rounds of tapping” as it relates to the second scenario.

Use “this remaining…” as part of the setup phrase for effective EFT Tapping with multiple rounds of tapping

When I do multiple rounds of tapping, I always try to remember to change the set up phrase on subsequent tapping rounds to include the phrase, “this remaining…” when I’m describing the .  I will also include, “this remaining…” as I’m tapping through the points. I find that it’s good to acknowledge that I’ve made progress, but at the same time note that there’s still some of the remaining issue to be dealt with using tapping.

The key thing to remember is that the reason to do multiple rounds of tapping is to move from a high intensity, and thus a high SUDS value, down to as close to no intensity, or a SUDS of zero, as you reasonably can.

It is also important to remember to test your results and look for additional aspects to the issue.  You want to completely take the emotional charge off of the entire issue, not just part of it.  And in order do effective EFT Tapping you need to include both multiple rounds of tapping as well as testing your results in order to find those potentially hidden aspects.

I remember Gary talking about tapping for fear of spiders and how a he would address the fear of stationary spider and the fear of a moving spider as different aspects of the fear of spiders. That is also an excellent example of breaking the issue into smaller parts in order to address them with effective EFT Tapping.


How to do effective EFT Tapping – Effective Tapping Setup Phrases! – #3 in the Fundamentals Series

The set up phrase is something that I use for almost every round of tapping that I do. In the early EFT Training that I attended with Gary Craig himself, he definitely emphasized the use of the setup phrase when you first start addressing an issue. He said that using the Setup was kind of like setting up the bowling pins so you could knock them down. The setup is certainly one important aspect that helps you do effective EFT Tapping.

Using the Setup Phrase helps you focus on the issue so you can do effective EFT Tapping

Using the Setup Phrase helps you focus on the issue so you can do effective EFT Tapping and knock down the issue

I also remember from Gary’s DVD training series hat he said that using the setup phrase was not always necessary as a prerequisite to doing effective EFT Tapping, and that it’s only needed maybe something like 40% of the time.  So it’s OK to jump right into the tapping without doing the setup phrase, especially if you are “sitting in the middle of the issue” and need to take the edge off of it fast. But what I do remember clearly was his encouragement to do the setup in the traditional way if for some reason you aren’t getting the resulting shift in SUDS that you are expecting.

The Setup Phrase aligns your focus with the issue at hand leading you to do effective EFT Tapping easily.

Basically Gary was reminding us to go back to the fundamentals whenever things aren’t going as expected.  Using the original recipe for EFT Tapping has always been effective.  The “newer” versions of the EFT Tapping recipes are simply enhancements to the original version. But regardless of which version of the EFT recipe you use, there are many other fundamental aspects of EFT Tapping that need to be incorporated into your tapping. This series will cover many of them.  And you can always revisit the EFT Quick Start Video Learning System that I created and use it as a refresher.

Having learned the original EFT recipe from Gary, I think that the biggest change for me was dropping the finger points and the 9-gamut step, while incorporating the top of the head point.  It certainly is easier to teach now, without the 9-gamut step and the extra time that took. Plus, it’s much easier to get some one to tap on various points on their body, than it is to do the humming, counting, and eye rolling.  And since we are getting results that are every bit as good, why not.

Regardless of which EFT recipe you use, what I have found personally is that I have a more effective EFT Tapping session when I use the setup phrase – if for no other reason than it allows me to really focus on the issue at hand so that I’m very clear about what I am tapping on. While I know that there are many people who get great results, without doing the set up phrase, by just tapping through the issue at hand.  I find for me that it’s not only more comfortable but more effective for me to go ahead and do say the setup phrase out loud while tapping on the karate chop spot.

The free EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet includes the traditional phrase uses for the EFT Tapping Setup Phrase which you can customize by filling in the blank as you say it.

How to do effective EFT Tapping – Break it into smaller parts! – #2 in the Fundamentals Series

Another one of the fundamentals you were likely taught in your initial EFT training was to break the incident into smaller parts.

More effective EFT Tapping is done by breaking things into smaller sub-components

More effective EFT Tapping is done by breaking things into smaller sub-components an addressing each aspect individually for maximum effect.

Doing that can be very important, especially when it comes to addressing things like fears and phobias in particular.

One time I helped a woman with her fear of flying while we were actually on an airplane. One of the first things that I shared with her was the idea that a “fear of flying” is probably made up of multiple sub-complements, including fear of heights, not being in control, motion of the airplane, claustrophobia, maybe even the smells associated with the jet fuel exhaust. What I suggested was that she focus on which ever sub-component was most intense and “in her face,” and start tapping on that one first. Then as the intensity of that sub-component falls away, she can start working on the next most intense feeling.

Those suggestions proved very beneficial for her because by the time we got to 35,000 feet, about 20 minutes later, she had gone from tears streaming down her face to comfortably looking out of the airplane window. Two weeks later I actually got an email from her, in which she said that the flight back from San Jose to Portland the next day wasn’t that great and they were “stuck in the back and it was noisy,” but she did go on to say she was thinking about booking a trip to Hawaii and thinks the flight would be beautiful.

There is no doubt in my mind that the results that she got by addressing her fear of flying with EFT tapping were in part due to the approach of breaking down her fear of flying into multiple sub-component’s and then addressing each one individually.

Breaking the incident into smaller parts and addressing more aspects with tighter focus leads to more effective EFT Tapping

Asking yourself if there is a way to look at the situation that might break the issue into smaller parts is a great place to start.  You can often look at the words you use to describe the situation and see ways to break it down further.  Look at your description for thoughts, feelings, memories, and locations, for example, as opportunities to break the incident into smaller parts so you can address the individual components with EFT Tapping and get even better results.

I worked with another friend who claimed to have a fear of flying, but upon closer inspection through asking some good questions, we came to realize that it was really a fear of what would happen to her kids if something bad were to happen to her during the flight!  The big take-away from working with her on that was to always ask clarifying question to really understand what is going on so you can properly address it with EFT Tapping.

How to do effective EFT Tapping – Focus on the Specifics! – #1 in the Fundamentals Series

In this series on “How to do effective EFT Tapping” we are going to start with the fundamentals.  This article will focus on “focusing on the specifics” with the end goal of picking effective EFT Tapping phrases to use.

In your initial EFT training one of the first things that you are probably taught in order to be effective with EFT Tapping was to be specific and focus on the specific details of the incident you are addressing with EFT tapping.

effective eft tapping is done by focusing on the specifics - Signpost - Who, What , When, Where, Why, How?In addition to the details like who, what, when, where, why, and how, I’d also like to remind you that it’s often very useful to focus on any general visual cues associated with the incident.  The specific things you remember seeing can often give you clues which lead to  more effective EFT Tapping . The same goes for the sounds that are associated with the incident. The memories of the actions that are associated with the incident, along with the emotions that are associated with the incident, can often provide clues for effective ways to approach the issue. The thoughts, choices, and decisions that are associated with the incident are important to explore, and may lead to uncovering some of the personal blocks which may have been put in place as a result of the incident. If you find that any of the thoughts, choices, or decisions that are associated with the incident do not serve you, then it can be very beneficial to clear those thoughts, choices, and decisions with EFT tapping.

I often find that I can do more effective EFT Tapping when I write down some notes about specific things that I remember, or specific thoughts and feelings that I associate with the incident prior to doing the first round of EFT Tapping.  Not only does this help me to enumerate the specifics so that I can better focus on them while tapping, but it also enables me to come back and check that each of those aspects have had the emotional charge taken off of them with EFT Tapping.

Those same notes can be very useful in testing to be sure that I’ve gotten all of the aspects around the incident.  Because those notes are specific, even if they are only words or phrases rather than full sentences most of the time, they certainly are enough to jog my memory and bring me back to looking at those aspects.

Those notes are also very useful because I will often give each of the specifics a SUDS intensity rating before I start tapping.  This will help me to keep track of the shifts that occur as a result of the EFT Tapping as well as show me the progress I’m making. 

Having fun with EFT Tapping: Tracking your SUDS totals for even more effective EFT Tapping

And once I’ve finished taking the emotional charge off of all of the aspects, it is kind of fun to go back and add up the starting SUDS number and see how many “total SUDS points” I’ve shifted in that EFT Tapping session.  It is often an unexpectedly large number because it is the total SUDS shift for all of the aspects addressed, rather than just a single SUDS value for “the incident.”

So remember that in order to do effective EFT Tapping you need to be specific with the details of the incident that you are addressing, and keep track of your SUDS intensity ratings so you can appreciate the full magnitude of the positive shifts you are creating within your self with EFT Tapping.

If you are new to tapping and wonder How to learn EFT Tapping for Free then follow this link.  Or want a refresher on EFT Tapping, then be sure to check out The EFT Quick Start Video Learning System and the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet which are available to you for free.

Next in this series on “How to do effective EFT Tapping” we are going to focus on “Breaking the incident into smaller parts.”  I’ll even be sharing the story of a woman I helped get great relief from her intense fear of flying…right on the airplane!  It’s a story you won’t want to miss because it illustrates this next point so clearly.  See you soon!

How to learn EFT Tapping for Free

You are in the right place to learn EFT Tapping, especially if you have searched for things like, “How to do EFT Tapping?” or, “EFT how to tap video” or “How to learn EFT Tapping online?” or even, “How to do EFT Tapping Therapy?” because that’s exactly what you are going to find here.

Learn EFT Tapping with The EFT Quick Start Video Learning System

Learn EFT Tapping with The EFT Quick Start Video Learning System

Learn EFT Tapping with The EFT Quick Start Video Learning System

I created The EFT Quick Start Video Learning System which will give you an opportunity to learn EFT online by teaching you the fundamentals of how to do EFT Tapping.  This 23-minute video will provide you with a good foundation on how EFT Tapping works and how to apply it in your life. It will also answer your questions about how to use EFT to eliminate fears and phobias. You can even learn how to get fast migraine headache relief with EFT Tapping from the book I wrote that is available from

Get your Free EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet too

EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet from

Get your Free EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet from

As a bonus to go along with this “EFT – how to tap video,” you can download the free EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet and print it out for your future reference.  It is the perfect reminder of how to do EFT Tapping once you have watched the EFT Quick Start Video Learning System and understand the basics of how to tap.

This EFT Tapping Points reference is perfect to print out and laminate as a permanent reference and reminder of where to tap and how to tap when using EFT.

Also, be sure to come back and visit us often so you can learn even more about how to Transform Your Life With EFT Tapping.


What can EFT Tapping Be Used For?

A very common question from people who are just learning about EFT is, “What can EFT Tapping Be used for?” That is a really good question to be asking because it puts you in the right frame of mind to recognize the possibilities.

What can EFT Tapping be used for? Gary says - Try it on everything!

What can EFT Tapping be used for? Gary says – Try it on everything!

Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, has a favorite phrase.  When it comes to EFT, Gary says, “Try it on everything!”

Gary’s original EFT website,, had hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of pages that gave example of how to use EFT to address a w-i-d-e variety of topics.  And his EFT Training videos covered even more.

My answer to the question “Can EFT Tapping be used for…” is to tell you that personally I have used EFT Tapping to help myself with a myriad of things ranging from being upset about my cat’s passing, to reducing my lactose intolerance, to headaches, to physical pains, and so much more. 

I have worked with clients and helped them get over their fear of flying (that “case study” used to be on too) fear of heights, fear of going over bridges, and much more.

The first time I worked with a friend of mine, Kristen Ecstein, I helped her find relief from a migraine headache in just a few minutes. We were both so stunned by the rapidity of her relief that I went on to write my book, Fast Migraine Headache Relief With EFT Tapping, that is available on, as a direct result of her.  I even thank her in the opening paragraph of my book.  For truly, without her having a migraine that day, I wouldn’t have created that book in order to help other migraine sufferers.

What can EFT Tapping be used for? Try it on everything!

“Try it on everything” may sound a little on the overboard side, but as crazy as it sounds, the idea does have merit.  I have personally been astonished at the results I’ve gotten with EFT Tapping.  And that’s especially true when you consider it is a drug-free healing modality that is free to learn.  You can learn EFT Tapping online free by watching my EFT Quick Start Video Learning System and printing out the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet which is also available free.

While EFT Tapping has not yet been “fully recognized” by the traditional US Western Medical Community, there are a number of peer review studies that have been published in respected psychological journals.  Dr. David Feinstein has one of the best examples that I’m aware of at this time:

I’ll be adding lots more EFT Tapping resources and information to, so be sure to come back often and get the latest tips, tricks, and secrets for making your life even better with EFT Tapping.

Scholarly Research links
Dr. David Feinstein:
EFT Universe – Research Links:

What is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping?

Even with as widespread as Emotional Freedom Technique is becoming, I still often hear the question, “What is Tapping?”

What Is EFT Tapping?

What Is EFT Tapping?

For those who are wondering, “What is EFT Tapping?” the short answer is that it’s kind of like “Emotional Acupuncture without needles,” as Gary Craig, the creator of Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, describes it.

It has also been described as a form of acupressure, combined with mental focusing. It’s really just a simple form of stress-reduction technique based upon the traditional Chinese energy meridian system – the same meridian system that’s been used for the last 5000 years or so in acupuncture. The fact that they’ve been using it for SO long tells me that it must be effective or they would have abandoned it long ago.

EFT Tapping uses the same “energy meridian system” that is used in Acupuncture.

But instead of using needles, you tap on specific energy meridian points on the body with your fingers. Whereas Acupuncture is often primarily focused on physical ailments, EFT is usually focused on the emotional side of things. But the cool part about EFT is that often times by “clearing” the “stuck energy” around the emotional side of things, the physical side will also improve dramatically. Many people use EFT to directly address physical issues by focusing on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions around the physical issue.

EFT Tapping is used throughout the world on a daily basis by tens of thousands of individuals to create a better life for themselves. Whether they are focused on using EFT Tapping to eliminate the pain of a Migraine Headache, eliminate their fear of heights, or helping a child get over their pain and sadness about being bullied at school, the results that are commonly delivered by this powerful tool are often nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t matter if you are well versed in using EFT tapping and are looking for a new approach to dealing with Migraine Headache symptoms, or are brand new to EFT Tapping and this is your first exposure to it, you are in the right place.

Learn EFT Tapping with The EFT Quick Start Video Learning SystemIf you’re brand new to EFT Tapping, or want a quick refresher on how to tap, be sure to watch The EFT Quick Start Video Learning System It is a 23 minute video which teaches the fundamentals of how to do EFT Tapping.

I use Tapping nearly every day, and there are even some days where I apply it multiple times during the day. While we never really know what challenges or upsets we may face during the day, by knowing how to apply EFT Tapping to the things that do happen in our lives we can release the pain, upset, and personal blocks that hold us back from living our full potential.

The content on is focused on ways to help improve your life…With EFT Tapping

The information and content that will be shared here on will be focused on the many ways to improve your life…With EFT Tapping. While some of the content here will focus on specific problems, like Fast Migraine Headache Relief With EFT Tapping other times it will focus on tips & tricks for getting even better results With EFT Tapping.

Be sure to watch for the upcoming series on 21 Ways To Get Even Better Results With EFT Tapping.  I’m sure you’ll find some interesting tips and tricks that you can use yourself!