21 Ways For Better Results With EFT Tapping – #18: Misplaced loyalty

NOTE: This is ANOTHER post was left in DRAFT mode since I wrote it on October 31st 2013.  It has finally seen the light of day (on July 8th, 2023!) as I’m moving this site from an outdated (and problematic!) WordPress install to static HTML web pages so that my web host will quit charging me $5/month for access to an old version of PHP (V7.4). 

There have been times where I have seen that we hang on to things out of a misplaced sense of loyalty, and that simply do not serve us. There are times where it seems like we hang on to issues or problems, because we perceive that getting over those issues or problems would upset someone, or make someone unhappy, or perhaps even let them off the hook for something they did to us. It’s kind of a twisted thing, but then our subconscious programming can be rather twisted in the end also. So if you find yourself looking at a problem or an issue and realize that if you got over it, that someone would be upset, you have a whole another layer that is now available to you to address with EFT Tapping. Not only can you tap on the obvious thing that you’re upset about, but you can now tap on your feelings about the other person being upset about you getting over the problem. You can also tap on your “disloyalty” with respect to that person’s expectations. And remember that if it does not serve you, and especially if it harms you, someone else’s expectations are really irrelevant to your well-being.

I have to jump in here with another personal story.  The day that I wrote that section above, I did some “misplaced loyalty” tapping around me being “loyal to MY story of limitations!”  Historically, (it seemed like) certain things never worked out for me, so whenever I would focus on achieving those goals, I would very quickly end up in battle with myself around “I can – no I can’t! I want it – I can’t have it!” Fortunately, by focusing on that battle, and my loyalty to my story of “being broken” in that way, I was able to release it and am moving forward toward those goals MUCH more rapidly today.

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