21 Ways For Better Results With EFT Tapping – #19 Disappointed they didn’t do it the way I needed them to…

This is one of those that I stumbled across myself as I was doing my own work. It lead to some really powerful insights and some deep inner work too!

Release being disappointed around them not doing it the way you needed them to with EFT Tapping

Release being disappointed around them not doing it the way you needed them to with EFT Tapping

I was looking at my relationship with my parents from the viewpoint of a young child. After all, that’s the origin of where so many things first “get stuck” in our lives.  I was exploring the things I felt disappointed about from my childhood.

All of a sudden this very powerful phrase came to mind and I did some wonderful tapping around. I used the setup phrase, “Even though they didn’t show me they love me the way I needed them to, I deeply and completely love and except myself.”

Disappointed they didn’t do it the way I needed them to…

The key here is that they didn’t show me in the way that I needed them to show me. It’s not that they didn’t love me.  It’s that through the eyes of the child I was way back then, I didn’t recognize that they loved me…base on my pre-teen interpretation of their actions. And that was especially true in those moments of childhood upset, or childhood disappointment for things not going my way. So it’s kind of a viewpoint of, I needed them to do THIS, and they did THAT instead. And that thing they did, wasn’t “love” to me.

(As a parent myself, I’m sure that I “inflicted” some version of that upon my children too.  It just comes with being a parent, I’m sure!)

As a more concrete example, from the viewpoint of a young child (who knew that money was not an issue for the family) when I received that Sears five-speed stingray bike for my birthday instead of the 10 speed Schwinn that I really wanted, I took that to mean that I wasn’t “good enough” or I wasn’t “loved enough” to be given the bike that I really wanted, and would have served me well form many years to come. Certainly that was not the message that my parents intended to send to me, but that was how I interpreted it as a preteen.

(Yes, all of my friends did have 10-speeds, and I was the only one who didn’t.  I grew up being the odd-man-out in many ways because my parents weren’t willing to invest a little more in things which would have brought me into the social norms of the time.  I was even teased about wearing Sears corduroy pants instead of blue jeans in Jr. High.)

There was another “Christmas” incident that probably happened around the same age.  Both my (13-years older) sister and I wanted a clock-radio for Christmas. She got the big AM/FM clock radio that was really nice and sounded great, and I got the lousy little AM only clock radio with the little tiny speaker that sounded bad.  My interpretation, again through the eyes of a pre-teen with three 10+ year older siblings, was that I wasn’t “good enough” or “loved enough” to receive what I wanted and what would serve me long term.  (I never did get an AM/FM clock radio.)

Now the rest of the story, is that…

Release your disappointment around Christmas with EFT Tapping

Release your disappointment around Christmas with EFT Tapping

I was at the age were a little boy goes around searching the house for where the Christmas presents are hidden.  I remember finding several boxes wrapped in unprinted paper with names in pencil on them.  I’m pretty sure that I found my sister’s clock-radio that day.

The other thing that I found was the Chemistry set that I had really really wanted for Christmas a few years before.  It had not been given to me that year, and I never did receive it for Christmas or my Birthday, or anything else.  I though for sure that I was going to get it that year for Christmas.

…but I didn’t.  And that left me silently wondering if I was being punished for something…something like snooping around looking for Christmas presents.   Of course nothing was ever said to me about it.  Heck, I even doubt that my parents knew that I’d found it. 

But I always wondered, “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me that means I won’t get what I want? What’s wrong with me that means I can’t have what I want?”

That gut-wrenching question haunted me most of my life. 

And in my moments of sadness and disappointment it still comes up…or at least echos of it do. It’s something that I’ve invested lots of time tapping on when I stumble across incidents that have a component related to those feelings.

(Some time I’ll write about the vow that I found that was associated with that painful question.  That vow was holding things in place in a major way until I spotted the vow and released it!)

30-40 years after that Christmas, I saw the alcohol lamp that would have been part of that Chemistry set.  It was downstairs in the basement workshop of my parents home.  I asked my Dad about the Chemistry set.  He said that one parent had bought it and the other objected.  And then later when it was revisited again, the rolls had switched between who objected and who didn’t, so I never got it!  In the end, they finally dismantled the chemistry set (some 20 years after the purchase) when they were considering giving it to one of my nephews and decided that the chemicals “might not be good any more.”

Needless to say those incidents obviously left a mark since I’m still bringing it up.  But the insight and understanding I received by looking back on that incident, and spotting, “…the way I needed them to…” was nothing short of amazing.

So if you have something like that in your past I would suggest doing some tapping on, “Even though they didn’t show me they love me the way I needed them to, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.” Give that a try see if it doesn’t make a difference for you too.

And I’ll let you in on a secret…

Release your disappointment in how you are loved with EFT Tapping

Release your disappointment in how you are loved with EFT Tapping

This could be applied to anyone who “didn’t love you the way you needed them to.”  That means parents, family, friends, spouses, lovers, bosses, coworkers, you name it!  I’d be shocked if every person on the planet didn’t have some form of this issue buried in their personal history.

So if you have “a chemistry set” in your history, please leave a comment below, and be sure to LIKE this over on FaceBook and comment there too!

P.S.  My former girlfriend gave me “a chemistry set” for Christmas one year.  It was made up of various kinds and flavors of Tea.  It was nice of her to recognize the pain that incident caused and do her best to help smooth it over.  Unfortunately, while I have tapped away much of the pain, the incident will always be a part of my history.  I just need to continue to take any residual emotional charge off of it with EFT Tapping.  I still feel sad for that little boy and the spirit-crushing blows that came from those incidents. Guess I’ve got some more tapping to do!  Even though…

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Walking away when EFT Tapping doesn’t help

Sometimes you just have to walk away when EFT Tapping doesn’t help. There, I said it. As much as I love EFT Tapping and have invested LOTS of time this last weekend tapping, there are some times when you just have to walk away because the tapping your doing doesn’t help.

Sometimes you just have to walk away when EFT Tapping doesn't help. You need other strategies too!

Sometimes you just have to walk away when EFT Tapping doesn’t help. You need other strategies too!

Now I’m definitely not saying that EFT Tapping doesn’t work, quite the contrary! It works beautifully for what it’s intended to do – release the emotional charge that is keeping you stuck.

What I realized this weekend is that sometimes I “over-rely upon” tapping to “solve my problem.”  Granted, 99% of the time, at least for me and the things that I’m tapping on, the tapping does “solve my problem.”  It’s that 1% that I stumble over, like I did this weekend.

As I’m really getting the latest version of my business off the ground, I’ve been looking at several ways to increase the financial inflow (AKA bring in more money.)  In addition to the aspects of my business that revolve around EFT Tapping, I was starting down another path which would create some ongoing income that should require relatively little of my time once it’s setup, and maybe 40-50 hours to setup.

The problem was that I had rejected this path when it was first presented.  Then I learned more about it, and had a phone call which pretty much removed all of my objections, at the time, and I jumped in right before the opportunity closed.

Sometimes it seems like the Universe is conspiring against us. 

At least that’s sure the way that it felt as I walked down the path to move forward with my new business investment.  Initially I didn’t get my login information, and the support tickets were being “handled” out of Canada – and this was their long Thanksgiving weekend! I’d put in 3 support tickets and still hadn’t gotten the necessary info. As of Friday, a week after I’d purchased, I still didn’t think I had my login info.  I searched my Email one last time before I was going to put in another support ticket, and there I found the EMail from TUESDAY that had what I needed!  Up until I found it, it seemed like every time I tried to move forward with this I was blocked by something outside of me.

During that week of waiting, I’d been all over the place, up and down, excited and repulsed, by the idea of stepping into this new venture and applying myself to rapidly create results.  I wanted to be 100% sure that I would be successful with it before the 30-day refund period was up.  With my new-found login credentials, I set aside the entire weekend to apply myself for rapid success.

What I found was that sometimes things were going smoothly, and other times I was so anxious and stressed to “get on with it already,” rather than methodically consuming the training and following the step by step process.  The more stressed I became, the less clear and understandable the training became for me.  I became rather agitated at myself and the situation because normally I’m very capable of doing what they were teaching and getting the desired results.  And I did a bunch of tapping on it for all kinds of things.  I wish I had taken some notes, because I was getting great shifts…but still not solving the problem.

By Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t take it any more, and I walked away – literally!

I went for a walk to clear my head and refocus on my business GOALS.  I’d been stuck in “process” all weekend, and l needed to pop up and out of that and see if I was even in the right place.

During that walk, I realized that this new “business venture” was taking me away from my core business.  Not that there is anything wrong with were it was taking me.  But right now, in this critical early growth stage, I really feel that I need to focus on only one thing – building my core businesses around EFT Tapping.

So I now had a way to filter and measure my opportunities and activities on a moment-by-moment basis. “Is what I’m doing (or about to do) right now, directly building my core business, or will it make it easier in the near future to do so more efficiently and effectively?”  That is the focusing question that I MUST be checking in on constantly.  The follow up question is: “Is this the most important thing to be doing right now, in order to get the best results, fastest?”

Because of my new found clarity and understanding of the “right” question to be asking myself, I am feeling MUCH calmer and much more optimistic about my business direction than I was all weekend.  I have a renewed clarity around my sense of business purpose too.

Tapping Time!

I just remembered one of the things that I tapped on as I was struggling so much this weekend: “Even though I HAVE TO MAKE THIS WORK, and it MUST work before the 30 days is up, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I’m so stressed about making this work fast that I can’t even force myself to sit down and study, let alone relax and study, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I’m so agitated that I can’t see clearly what it is that I’m supposed to do and how to proceed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Yeah, I think it may have been that last setup phrase that created the space for walking away and getting some clarity of purpose and direction.

I hate to admit it, but I can see how there was some truth to the idea that “the Universe was conspiring against me”…going down that path, because that’s not the right path for me right now!

I guess sometimes I get so focused on what I think I want, or what I think is the “right answer,” that I don’t see the whole picture, nor have the perspective to find the “truth” in the situation. 

I guess I need to “pull my head out” more often, come up for air, and look around to see if I really am in the right place, and focused on the right thing.  It’ll probably do me a lot of good!

How about you?  Has any of this struck a note of truth for you in your life? I know “I’m special” but I can’t be the ONLY one who’s run into this sort of thing! 😉  Please share your thoughts below, and over on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WithEFTTapping

Can’t let it go? Ruminating on the same old thing? Try tapping on this!

I’ve been in battle with the HOA about their landscape “friendly reminder notices” not containing enough detailed information to enable be to “fix the problem.” 

This has escalated to the point where I’ve requested a hearing with the HOA Board to try and resolve the issue.  I’ve written to them with my view on what’s happening and let them know that we all want the same thing: the problem fixed! I’ve done everything that I can at this point and now it’s time to wait. 

Upset about being blindsided by a surprise? Let it go with EFT Taping

Upset about being blindsided by a surprise? Let it go with EFT Taping

But I just can’t let it go!  I keep ruminating on it.  I have lots of conversations in my head about it.  I’ve tapped on it several times, and have been able to release a lot of the tension around it.  But I still just can’t let it go yet.

So I tapped on, “Even though I just can’t let this go, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” And in the middle of the tapping I had clear realization.  The issue that keeps triggering me around this is not receiving the “friendly reminder” or even the second notice, it’s the fact that when I receive the second notice that I feel blindsided because to the best of my ability I’ve already dealt with the issue.  If you’ve ever been surprised by a problem that you didn’t see coming, especially when you thought everything was fine, or at least going to be fine, then you know the feeling….

“I’ve been blindsided!”

That “I’ve been blindsided” realization opened up a whole can of memories about where I was blindsided and how I felt about it.  And all of the feelings were very much the same – Shock, Disbelief, Anger, Resentment, and more. 

So I’ve got some more tapping to do on this one, especially with all of those emotions tying all of those incidents together with their emotional similarities. Yeah, that’s something that is DEFINITELY worth tapping on and releasing. I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel afterward. And I’ll probably be much more able to just…let it go!

UPDATE: “Surprise!” Let it go….

Update: I did a bunch more tapping and was surprised to see that ALL “surprises” were seen as negative!  Needless to say I was surprised by that!

I started tapping on, “Even though surprises blindside me and are a problem, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though nothing good ever comes out of getting  a surprise – I’m usually just disappointed that I got a “surprise” instead of what I really wanted, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway. Even though whenever I’ve tried to create a surprise with love and good wishes, I’ve been betrayed and it’s gone badly, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

That seems to have helped quite a bit. As I was tapping, a bunch of memories of the stories and “proof” that supported “surprises are bad” came floating to the surface, ready to be released with EFT Tapping.  And now, when I look at the “HOA stuff” I still feel that it’s unfair, but pretty much all of the other emotional hooks are gone.

PROGRESS!  It’s a wonderful thing!

What is lurking in your past that would be really useful to release and let it go with EFT Tapping?  Share your comments below.  And if you found this post useful or interesting, please LIKE the WithEFTTapping fan page on Facebook and visit here often.

21 Ways For Better Results With EFT Tapping – #20 Forgotten Origins

After my father passed and my brothers and I were cleaning out the house getting ready to sell it, I saw this one in action – big time!

While most of the time my brothers were getting along fine, there were other times when they would somehow trigger each other and then really be upset with each other. As an outsider to “their mutual history” – I am the “baby brother” by almost 11 years – I had no idea what was causing this.

Releasing problems of forgotten origin with EFT Tapping

Releasing problems of forgotten origin with EFT Tapping

I was curious about it, so I talked to each one individually to try and understand what was going on.  Maybe I could intervene and find a way to make this, already emotionally charged situation, go smoother. With a little detective work I found out that neither one of them actually remembered why they were upset with the other one, or what the original incident was that had triggered the upset!  Yet at the same time, they were each holding onto that grudge, because they each knew that they were supposed to be upset about whatever it was.

I believe that if most of us stopped for a moment to really look at the people and things that are upsetting to us, we would each likely find that there is at least one thing, if not a whole handful, that we continue to hang on to but we can’t quite remember all of the details of why it is so upsetting. I think that particularly with family members, this sort of thing is far more common than any of us realize.

Release childhood fears with EFT Tapping

Release childhood fears with EFT Tapping

Release childhood fears with EFT Tapping

As we’re growing up, we all say and do things to other people that creates an impact in their life that we don’t understand. (Or even care about at the time, because we’re just a young kid and don’t know any better.) But that impact sticks with the other person and shapes their life in some way.

I remember my oldest brother describing a “game” that he used to play and how funny he thought it was…at least at the time.  He is about a year older than our middle brother, so they spend most of their formative childhood together, long before I arrived.  The eldest brother figured out that he could sneak up on his brother and get quite close before he saw him.  This lead to a fun “game” of “sneak up and scare my brother,” which was great fun for the elder brother.  Not that he was being mean on purpose, he was just being a young kid. That “game” ended when the doctors finally figured out that our middle brother was terribly nearsighted and needed glasses in order to see much of anything beyond about 5 feet!

Release your fear of the unknown with EFT Tapping

Releasing your fear of the unknown with EFT Tapping

Releasing your fear of the unknown with EFT Tapping

I can only imagine what life would be like if your “visible world” was only a few feet in diameter.  Especially when, as a toddler, there were “scary things” right beyond your field of view!  I would expect this would lead to one having a heightened sense of insecurity and a feeling of “constantly facing unseen dangers” as you were a young child.  I think it could also lead to a bunch of “triggers” that are of unseen, or lost origin.

The good news is that one could do some very effective EFT Tapping in order to address these. One of the aspects that would be worth address is the heightened sense of “alarm” that might be lying there and making the triggers more sensitive. You could tap on things like, “Even though I have this heightened sense of danger around me, and it feels like I can never fully relax and feel safe, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” I would also do some tapping on things like, “Even though I feel like I’m always on edge, searching for the dangers which are about to pounce on me, and I don’t even know why, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

Release your upset of forgotten origin with EFT Tapping

Without a specific incident to tap on, the way that I would start to approach these issues of lost origin, is with the setup phrase like “Even though I’m extremely angry and I’m holding on to this grudge, but I can’t remember exactly why or exactly what happened, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.” Another setup phrase might be, “Even though I’m pissed because I know I should be, even if I can’t remember about what, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.” And another way to approach this might be,” Even though I’ll never let it go because I know I’m right, even I can’t remember about what, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

So give that a try the next time you run into something that you’re upset about, but have forgotten the origins of, and see if that helps you to release it.

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What do you recognize now as something of forgotten origin that you can release with EFT Tapping? Comment below!

WTF With EFT Tapping – Welcome To Facebook!

WTF? Yes, this time I really DO mean “Welcome To Facebook!” 

Today is the very first day that the With EFT Tapping website and Facebook Fan Page are both live and ready for your visit.  I’ve been hard at work, behind the scenes for a long time, getting all of the tools, tricks, and secrets ready to share with you.  And today is the public unveiling!

WTF With EFT Tapping - Welcome To Facebook!

WTF With EFT Tapping – Welcome To Facebook!

With EFT Tapping has gone from just a thought  for a community of people interested in using EFT Tapping to transform their lives, into something even better.

I’ve been using and teaching EFT Tapping for about 15 years now, and during the last 5 years I have also focused on learning lots about “internet marketing” and all of the mechanics of building WordPress websites like this one.

It was a little over 5 years ago that I got my “last” layoff notice from a high-tech company.  I decided that I was done living with the uncertainties of working for some huge, impersonal company, for a boss who really didn’t care about their “underlings” as people. I’d been seen as a “resource” rather than a person for far too long.  It was time to bring some humanity back into my life. So I set out on a journey to create a life for myself where I can tie together my two greatest “loves” – Technology and Personal Growth – through helping people all over the world to…

Transform Your Life…With EFT Tapping!

My goal for my company, Transformation Bay LLC, is to create a financially abundant living for myself and my family.  And I plan do do so by helping people to transform their lives from, just surviving the day to day grind, into thriving in a life they love. 

I won’t apologize for saying that I plan to do so by “helping people profitably.” If I am struggling all day long to simply put food on the table and a roof over my head, how much energy do you think I will have left to give back to the world, and be of service? However, when I’m making a comfortable living, by helping people profitably, I will not only be able to give more in my business, but also through my business.

I’ve done enough personal work over the last 25 years moving down this path of self-improvement to know that I’m not the only one who appreciates a guiding hand on the journey.  I’ve been blessed to have met so many generous people who have been both financially thriving and giving at the same time.  Even so, I still see them stumble sometimes as the weight of the general “poverty consciousness” lands on their shoulders.  Tapping is certainly a great way to address that, but sometimes it takes a bit more of a radical shift in perspective too!

You can’t save the world if you can’t pay the rent!

And I plan to pay the rent by helping people profitably so that I can continue to help even more people.  Sure, I’ll have plenty of free resources so that anyone can get started with EFT Tapping.  The first of those is available right now.  It is a way to learn EFT Tapping free online with the EFT Quick Start Video Learning System.  The link is also in the menu system at the top of each page on this website.  In about 23 minutes one can go from not knowing what EFT Tapping even is, to knowing how to start applying it in their life. 

And there is another one of my sites which is loaded with free EFT Tapping videos and scripts too.  I teach people how to release their emotional upset fast on that site.  I’ve often said that we have a natural propensity to “bitch and complain” about the things that upset us.  And in my book, the best way out of that upset is to use EFT Tapping while focusing on the actual upset.  This technique is exactly what I teach over at TapAndBitch.com where I show people how to release their emotional upset fast!

Welcome To Facebook and Happy Birthday WithEFTTapping.com

Welcome To Facebook and Happy Birthday WithEFTTapping.com

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Oh, and have some cake too!

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21 Ways For Better Results With EFT Tapping – #21 Misunderstanding EFT and The Law Of Attraction

People who want to apply the law of attraction in their lives often have a misunderstanding when it comes to using EFT.

How to properly use EFT and The Law Of Attraction is often misunderstood

How to properly use EFT and The Law Of Attraction is often misunderstood

One of the common viewpoints around the law of attraction is to ONLY focus on what you do want in your life. And as a result there is some resistance to focusing on the negative while doing the EFT tapping.

The fear come from the fact that with EFT you are momentarily  focusing on what you don’t want, or perhaps betters stated as “what you want to release,” which is a “negative thing.” The fear is that somehow you will be attracting that “negative thing” and bringing more of it into your life.

The reality is that exactly the opposite is true in my experience. By taking a few moments  (or even a few minutes) and focusing on the negative while specifically doing EFT tapping in order to release the emotional component of it, you can then truly release it. Once you release it, then it isn’t in your and energetic field moving forward. And if it isn’t in your energetic field, then you won’t be nearly as likely to put any focus on pushing it away.

Focusing on the negative while you tap creates more powerful use of EFT and the Law Of Attraction

There is a common argument that “the Universe” doesn’t understand the word “not” or negation in general.  While I can’t speak for “the Universe,” I do know that humans are wired in such a way that in order to think about, or understand, “Not” something, they must first thing of the something in order to negate it.  It’s the old, “don’t think of a blue elephant” example.  You can’t “not think about it” until you first create the image of the blue elephant in your mind in order to recognize what your are “not to think about.”

Once you have done the EFT tapping on the negative things that you don’t want in your life, and released your connection to it, you are far more likely to notice that it simply doesn’t come up in your thoughts anymore.And from the viewpoint that your thoughts create your reality, if you’re not thinking about it, you are far less likely to see it show up in your reality.

So take a few minutes to focus on the negative WHILE you are doing EFT tapping to actually release it and I’m betting that you will find that you are far more effective manifest or using the Law Of Attraction.

I created a whole program around this very idea. It’s called The Secret For Law Of Attraction and it can be found on Amazon.com as well at: http://tapping4.us/tsfloa-dvd.

21 Ways For Better Results With EFT Tapping – The Series

I want to share with you the things that have given me the best, and most consistent, results.

That’s why I created this series of 21 Ways To Get Even Better Results With EFT Tapping.  I want to make sure that you have the best tools and techniques available so that your EFT Tapping results can be outstanding as well.

I’ve been using EFT Tapping for myself and teaching it to others for more than a decade. I’ve developed a lot of skill and “tricks” for uncovering issues and aspects for tapping. It is such an integral part of my life, that I have trouble figuring out exactly when I started using it.

But I’ve done more than just use it myself, I’ve been a student of EFT as well.  I’ve studied Gary Craig’s EFT training videos and earned my EFT Cert1 through the only certification program he recommended shortly before he retired.

    I'm sharing the results of my EFT detective skills in the 21 Ways To Get Even Better Results With EFT Tapping series.

I’m sharing the results of my EFT detective skills in the 21 Ways To Get Even Better Results With EFT Tapping series.

Probably the biggest contributor to the skills I have developed with tapping comes from my “detective skills” which I have honed during my Engineering career.  As a Field Application Engineer and an International Technical Support Engineer I have not only had to understand the technology that my customers and I were working with, but also had to find alternate ways of looking at things in order to figure out what’s really happening behind the scenes. 

Another big contributor is the wide variety of “healing modalities” that I’ve studied, or been exposed to, over the last 25 or so years.  I can honestly say that I don’t even begin to understand how I created some of the results that I did.  But what really matters is that the results were created, and in the end, that’s what I’m all about – results. 

21 Ways To Get Even Better Results With EFT Tapping including my best “secrets” for great results

That’s one thing that you can count on with Engineers – we go for consistent, repeatable results.  We may not always understand the lowest level of mathematical details of what we do, but we do understand what will get repeatable results.

So let me help you get even better results with EFT Tapping by sharing some of my “secrets” with you throughout this series.

If you’re new to EFT, and want to learn EFT for free, be sure to check out the EFT Quick Start Video Learning System and also print out the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet as well.

You can also read through my first EFT Tapping Series, “How to do effective EFT Tapping – The Fundamentals Series” by following this link.


How to do effective EFT Tapping – Testing after Tapping! – #7 in the Fundamentals Series

One of the things that Gary Craig tries to stress in his training is to “test” after doing the effective EFT Tapping work. You want to see if there is any emotional charge left in (or around) the incident.  And if there is any emotional charge left, then you know that more tapping needs to be done. 

Testing your results after  Tapping is an important aspect of effective EFT Tapping

Testing your results after Tapping is an important aspect of effective EFT Tapping

Sometimes you need to get a little bit creative to do the testing.  It is often best to start with “mild” tests before going to the more intense ones.  The testing may be as simple as having the client tell all about the incident and see if any emotion comes up. 

They could have them tell the story from beginning to end, checking each moment, and expected emotional peak, to see if there is any emotional charge left.

A somewhat more aggressive testing could be done by having them close their eyes and VIVIDLY imagine the details, to see if all of the charge is off of the incident.  The key, though, is that they should let you know if anything comes up, because that is an indication that more tapping can be done in order to do even more effective EFT Tapping and get deeper results.

Testing for aspects is important to get the most effective EFT Tapping results.

As mentioned earlier in this series, it is important to break the issue down into it’s component parts, and test from there as well.  While it would be great to help someone get over their fear of seeing a spider, you can get even more effective EFT Tapping results by testing for seeing a moving spider too. Not feeling fear around a stationary spider is not enough.  And remember to test for the spider moving in three-dimensions too.  Testing for a spider falling toward them from above would likely get a significant emotional response if that particular aspect has not been cleared yet too.

After completing an EFT Tapping session with a client, I remind them that if they do feel an emotional response to something similar to what we addressed in-session, it doesn’t mean that EFT Tapping hasn’t worked. It more likely means that they have bumped into a new aspect of that issue that wasn’t addressed during the session. The good news is that if they do run into that situation, they already know how to tap, and they can start tapping right then.  I like to remind my clients that “relief is as close as your fingertips, with EFT Tapping!

If you are new to EFT Tapping, you can learn it quickly and easily with the free EFT Quick Start Video Learning System.  And be sure to print out the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet too.

How to do effective EFT Tapping – Tell The Story Technique! – #6 in the Fundamentals Series

One of the tapping strategies that I will often use I refer to as the Tap-And-Tell Technique, and it leads to some very effective EFT Tapping. Basically what I will do is tell the story of what is upsetting to me or what’s bothering me while continuously tapping my way through the EFT tapping points. I will usually do multiple rounds of tapping as I am continuously tapping through the points while I’m telling the story. What I find for myself is that the emotional intensity falls away fairly quickly with a few rounds of tapping.

Tell The Story Technique is great for effective EFT Tapping

Tell The Story Technique is great for effective EFT Tapping

This is a bit of a different approach than Gary Craig teaches in his “Tell The Story Technique” training, which can be found here: http://tapping4.us/gary-tellstory.   In that case, the idea is to start out by telling the story of the incident, from the beginning.  But you stop to do some EFT Tapping any time that the emotional intensity, or SUDS, increases much beyond a zero.  The idea here is to nibble away at the emotional intensity while it is still relatively low.  You wan to be sure to bring it back down every time it starts to climb, thus minimizing the emotional intensity each step of the way. This process definitely creates very effective EFT Tapping sequences.

One other interesting thing that I’ve noticed when I used the Tap-and-Tell technique, is that my focus and intention will often shift as I go through the tapping process. It’s not at all unusual for my focus to shift to various aspects of an incident as I’m telling the story.

Try the Tap-And-Tell Technique for Effective EFT Tapping

But what I find a little bit surprising sometimes is the realization toward the end of the tapping, that my intention has shifted also. Sometimes, when we are upset because we feel like we have been wronged by someone else, there may be an unstated intention that comes out as part of the tapping – to make that person wrong for doing what they did to us. If you’re anything like me, you may not be “the most kind and generous person” when you’re upset. Sometimes I find that part of my intention with the things that I voice, as I’m tapping and telling the story, is to verbalize how wrong that person is for what they did to me. Especially at the beginning of the tapping sequence, when I’m the most upset about it, I feel totally justified by ranting and raving about how wrong that person was for what they did to me.

The nice thing that I’ve noticed is that by the end of several rounds of effective EFT tapping I will often find that my viewpoint has shifted a bit. There are times where I will shift from being in battle with the person about how wrong they were for what they did, to realizing that they probably were having a bad day also, and were just responding to their triggered state or their upset, and they really were doing the best that they could – in spite of how it may look to the outside world.

Once I get to that point, I know that I really have released the upset and I can move on with my day and not worry about it bothering me more anymore.

I have found this “Tap-And-Tell” technique so useful, that I created a website around that idea. While it may not be as “politically correct” as “Tap-And-Tell” it certainly has a much more memorable name.  Go check it out hereand you can learn how to use “Tap-And-Bitch” to create some effective EFT Tapping for you too!

How to do effective EFT Tapping – Tearless Trauma Technique! – #5 in the Fundamentals Series

The Tearless Trauma Technique is a great way to do effective EFT Tapping

The Tearless Trauma Technique is a great way to do effective EFT Tapping

One of the most powerful segments of Gary Craig’s original EFT training, especially for people who had trauma, is what he describes as The Tearless Trauma Technique. If you are not familiar with that, and especially if you or someone you’re working with has trauma in their history which will be addressed with EFT tapping, then I would strongly suggest going back and watching Gary Craig’s Tearless Trauma Technique Training by clicking here: http://tapping4.us/gary-tearless.

I remember watching Gary’s training videos called 6 Days At The VA.  Gary worked with some Vietnam vets who had been under the Veteran Administration’s care for a number of years because of their painfully intrusive memories from their Vietnam experience.

Gary used a variety of his best techniques with those Vet’s in order to help them get past their PTSD difficulties.  It was truly amazing to watch the transformation these men went through as they were following along with Gary and tapping through their very traumatic memories.  Gary, always the consummate professional, carefully walked them through the tapping process.  There were so many great tips, tricks, and teaching points in those videos that it’s hard to name just a few.

The three-point craving sequence for effective EFT Tapping

My favorite easy to use tip from that training is for cravings.  He was working with one particular Vet who smoked and wanted to quit.  In addition to the normal tapping approaches that Gary used in session with him, Gary also showed him the three-point craving sequence – Side of the Eye, Collar Bone, and Under the Arm.  Gary taught him to focus on the craving and tap repeatedly through those three points.  It was fascinating to watch the Vet’s face light up as his craving shifted from quite high down to a zero.

That craving EFT Tapping sequence can be used for most cravings in order to “take the edge off of it.”  So next time you find yourself craving something, and you would rather not, try tapping on the SE, CB, UA sequence for yourself, and I’ll bet you find that is a very effective EFT Tapping trick.