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I have a bonus for you when you sign up for any of Stefan's programs!

If you send a copy of your email receipt to me at Brad (at) WithEFTtapping.com I'll be happy to get on the phone (or Skype if you're outside the continental US) for a free 30 minute tapping session on any topic you'd like.  And I'll also send you a copy of a mind map that I created that I call "How to create more love in your life!" It has a whole bunch of suggested places to go looking for subconscious limitations and messages about love.  I've gotten great feedback on it, and I can't wait to share it with you!

In order to qualify for these bonuses, you must purchase through my affiliate link above after visiting this page that you are now on.  By visiting this page and purchasing after clicking on the links I may receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price of your purchase.  That payment is simply Stefan's way of saying "thank you" to me for letting you know about his offer.