Eliminate Writer’s Block With EFT Tapping!

NOTE: This post was ALSO left in DRAFT mode since I wrote it on December 4th, 2013.  It has finally seen the light of day (on July 8th, 2023!) as I’m moving this site from an outdated (and problematic!) WordPress install to static HTML web pages so that my web host will quit charging me $5/month for access to an old version of PHP (V7.4). 

In honor of my guest appearance on Jim Edward’s Webinar Of The Week,

WebinarKing.com Screen shot showing the webinar with Brad as the guestwhere I shared my experience with turning my Kindle book – Fast Migraine Headache Relief With EFT Tapping – into a physical book through CreateSpace, I have created something new.

Eliminate-Writer's-Block-With-EFT-TappingYou can sign-up for your copy here: https://withefttapping.com/wow/

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