WTF With EFT Tapping – Welcome To Facebook!

WTF? Yes, this time I really DO mean “Welcome To Facebook!” 

Today is the very first day that the With EFT Tapping website and Facebook Fan Page are both live and ready for your visit.  I’ve been hard at work, behind the scenes for a long time, getting all of the tools, tricks, and secrets ready to share with you.  And today is the public unveiling!

WTF With EFT Tapping - Welcome To Facebook!

WTF With EFT Tapping – Welcome To Facebook!

With EFT Tapping has gone from just a thought  for a community of people interested in using EFT Tapping to transform their lives, into something even better.

I’ve been using and teaching EFT Tapping for about 15 years now, and during the last 5 years I have also focused on learning lots about “internet marketing” and all of the mechanics of building WordPress websites like this one.

It was a little over 5 years ago that I got my “last” layoff notice from a high-tech company.  I decided that I was done living with the uncertainties of working for some huge, impersonal company, for a boss who really didn’t care about their “underlings” as people. I’d been seen as a “resource” rather than a person for far too long.  It was time to bring some humanity back into my life. So I set out on a journey to create a life for myself where I can tie together my two greatest “loves” – Technology and Personal Growth – through helping people all over the world to…

Transform Your Life…With EFT Tapping!

My goal for my company, Transformation Bay LLC, is to create a financially abundant living for myself and my family.  And I plan do do so by helping people to transform their lives from, just surviving the day to day grind, into thriving in a life they love. 

I won’t apologize for saying that I plan to do so by “helping people profitably.” If I am struggling all day long to simply put food on the table and a roof over my head, how much energy do you think I will have left to give back to the world, and be of service? However, when I’m making a comfortable living, by helping people profitably, I will not only be able to give more in my business, but also through my business.

I’ve done enough personal work over the last 25 years moving down this path of self-improvement to know that I’m not the only one who appreciates a guiding hand on the journey.  I’ve been blessed to have met so many generous people who have been both financially thriving and giving at the same time.  Even so, I still see them stumble sometimes as the weight of the general “poverty consciousness” lands on their shoulders.  Tapping is certainly a great way to address that, but sometimes it takes a bit more of a radical shift in perspective too!

You can’t save the world if you can’t pay the rent!

And I plan to pay the rent by helping people profitably so that I can continue to help even more people.  Sure, I’ll have plenty of free resources so that anyone can get started with EFT Tapping.  The first of those is available right now.  It is a way to learn EFT Tapping free online with the EFT Quick Start Video Learning System.  The link is also in the menu system at the top of each page on this website.  In about 23 minutes one can go from not knowing what EFT Tapping even is, to knowing how to start applying it in their life. 

And there is another one of my sites which is loaded with free EFT Tapping videos and scripts too.  I teach people how to release their emotional upset fast on that site.  I’ve often said that we have a natural propensity to “bitch and complain” about the things that upset us.  And in my book, the best way out of that upset is to use EFT Tapping while focusing on the actual upset.  This technique is exactly what I teach over at where I show people how to release their emotional upset fast!

Welcome To Facebook and Happy Birthday

Welcome To Facebook and Happy Birthday

Would you help me celebrate this “birthday” by leaving a comment below and give a FaceBook LIKE to the WithEFTTapping fan page please?  And if you could share it too, that would be AWESOME! 

Oh, and have some cake too!

Thanks for your help with the LIKE and SHARE!

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