21 Ways For Better Results With EFT Tapping – #21 Misunderstanding EFT and The Law Of Attraction

People who want to apply the law of attraction in their lives often have a misunderstanding when it comes to using EFT.

How to properly use EFT and The Law Of Attraction is often misunderstood

How to properly use EFT and The Law Of Attraction is often misunderstood

One of the common viewpoints around the law of attraction is to ONLY focus on what you do want in your life. And as a result there is some resistance to focusing on the negative while doing the EFT tapping.

The fear come from the fact that with EFT you are momentarily  focusing on what you don’t want, or perhaps betters stated as “what you want to release,” which is a “negative thing.” The fear is that somehow you will be attracting that “negative thing” and bringing more of it into your life.

The reality is that exactly the opposite is true in my experience. By taking a few moments  (or even a few minutes) and focusing on the negative while specifically doing EFT tapping in order to release the emotional component of it, you can then truly release it. Once you release it, then it isn’t in your and energetic field moving forward. And if it isn’t in your energetic field, then you won’t be nearly as likely to put any focus on pushing it away.

Focusing on the negative while you tap creates more powerful use of EFT and the Law Of Attraction

There is a common argument that “the Universe” doesn’t understand the word “not” or negation in general.  While I can’t speak for “the Universe,” I do know that humans are wired in such a way that in order to think about, or understand, “Not” something, they must first thing of the something in order to negate it.  It’s the old, “don’t think of a blue elephant” example.  You can’t “not think about it” until you first create the image of the blue elephant in your mind in order to recognize what your are “not to think about.”

Once you have done the EFT tapping on the negative things that you don’t want in your life, and released your connection to it, you are far more likely to notice that it simply doesn’t come up in your thoughts anymore.And from the viewpoint that your thoughts create your reality, if you’re not thinking about it, you are far less likely to see it show up in your reality.

So take a few minutes to focus on the negative WHILE you are doing EFT tapping to actually release it and I’m betting that you will find that you are far more effective manifest or using the Law Of Attraction.

I created a whole program around this very idea. It’s called The Secret For Law Of Attraction and it can be found on Amazon.com as well at: http://tapping4.us/tsfloa-dvd.

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