How to do effective EFT Tapping – Focus on the Specifics! – #1 in the Fundamentals Series

In this series on “How to do effective EFT Tapping” we are going to start with the fundamentals.  This article will focus on “focusing on the specifics” with the end goal of picking effective EFT Tapping phrases to use.

In your initial EFT training one of the first things that you are probably taught in order to be effective with EFT Tapping was to be specific and focus on the specific details of the incident you are addressing with EFT tapping.

effective eft tapping is done by focusing on the specifics - Signpost - Who, What , When, Where, Why, How?In addition to the details like who, what, when, where, why, and how, I’d also like to remind you that it’s often very useful to focus on any general visual cues associated with the incident.  The specific things you remember seeing can often give you clues which lead to  more effective EFT Tapping . The same goes for the sounds that are associated with the incident. The memories of the actions that are associated with the incident, along with the emotions that are associated with the incident, can often provide clues for effective ways to approach the issue. The thoughts, choices, and decisions that are associated with the incident are important to explore, and may lead to uncovering some of the personal blocks which may have been put in place as a result of the incident. If you find that any of the thoughts, choices, or decisions that are associated with the incident do not serve you, then it can be very beneficial to clear those thoughts, choices, and decisions with EFT tapping.

I often find that I can do more effective EFT Tapping when I write down some notes about specific things that I remember, or specific thoughts and feelings that I associate with the incident prior to doing the first round of EFT Tapping.  Not only does this help me to enumerate the specifics so that I can better focus on them while tapping, but it also enables me to come back and check that each of those aspects have had the emotional charge taken off of them with EFT Tapping.

Those same notes can be very useful in testing to be sure that I’ve gotten all of the aspects around the incident.  Because those notes are specific, even if they are only words or phrases rather than full sentences most of the time, they certainly are enough to jog my memory and bring me back to looking at those aspects.

Those notes are also very useful because I will often give each of the specifics a SUDS intensity rating before I start tapping.  This will help me to keep track of the shifts that occur as a result of the EFT Tapping as well as show me the progress I’m making. 

Having fun with EFT Tapping: Tracking your SUDS totals for even more effective EFT Tapping

And once I’ve finished taking the emotional charge off of all of the aspects, it is kind of fun to go back and add up the starting SUDS number and see how many “total SUDS points” I’ve shifted in that EFT Tapping session.  It is often an unexpectedly large number because it is the total SUDS shift for all of the aspects addressed, rather than just a single SUDS value for “the incident.”

So remember that in order to do effective EFT Tapping you need to be specific with the details of the incident that you are addressing, and keep track of your SUDS intensity ratings so you can appreciate the full magnitude of the positive shifts you are creating within your self with EFT Tapping.

If you are new to tapping and wonder How to learn EFT Tapping for Free then follow this link.  Or want a refresher on EFT Tapping, then be sure to check out The EFT Quick Start Video Learning System and the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet which are available to you for free.

Next in this series on “How to do effective EFT Tapping” we are going to focus on “Breaking the incident into smaller parts.”  I’ll even be sharing the story of a woman I helped get great relief from her intense fear of flying…right on the airplane!  It’s a story you won’t want to miss because it illustrates this next point so clearly.  See you soon!

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