How to do effective EFT Tapping – Break it into smaller parts! – #2 in the Fundamentals Series

Another one of the fundamentals you were likely taught in your initial EFT training was to break the incident into smaller parts.

More effective EFT Tapping is done by breaking things into smaller sub-components

More effective EFT Tapping is done by breaking things into smaller sub-components an addressing each aspect individually for maximum effect.

Doing that can be very important, especially when it comes to addressing things like fears and phobias in particular.

One time I helped a woman with her fear of flying while we were actually on an airplane. One of the first things that I shared with her was the idea that a “fear of flying” is probably made up of multiple sub-complements, including fear of heights, not being in control, motion of the airplane, claustrophobia, maybe even the smells associated with the jet fuel exhaust. What I suggested was that she focus on which ever sub-component was most intense and “in her face,” and start tapping on that one first. Then as the intensity of that sub-component falls away, she can start working on the next most intense feeling.

Those suggestions proved very beneficial for her because by the time we got to 35,000 feet, about 20 minutes later, she had gone from tears streaming down her face to comfortably looking out of the airplane window. Two weeks later I actually got an email from her, in which she said that the flight back from San Jose to Portland the next day wasn’t that great and they were “stuck in the back and it was noisy,” but she did go on to say she was thinking about booking a trip to Hawaii and thinks the flight would be beautiful.

There is no doubt in my mind that the results that she got by addressing her fear of flying with EFT tapping were in part due to the approach of breaking down her fear of flying into multiple sub-component’s and then addressing each one individually.

Breaking the incident into smaller parts and addressing more aspects with tighter focus leads to more effective EFT Tapping

Asking yourself if there is a way to look at the situation that might break the issue into smaller parts is a great place to start.  You can often look at the words you use to describe the situation and see ways to break it down further.  Look at your description for thoughts, feelings, memories, and locations, for example, as opportunities to break the incident into smaller parts so you can address the individual components with EFT Tapping and get even better results.

I worked with another friend who claimed to have a fear of flying, but upon closer inspection through asking some good questions, we came to realize that it was really a fear of what would happen to her kids if something bad were to happen to her during the flight!  The big take-away from working with her on that was to always ask clarifying question to really understand what is going on so you can properly address it with EFT Tapping.

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