What can EFT Tapping Be Used For?

A very common question from people who are just learning about EFT is, “What can EFT Tapping Be used for?” That is a really good question to be asking because it puts you in the right frame of mind to recognize the possibilities.

What can EFT Tapping be used for? Gary says - Try it on everything!

What can EFT Tapping be used for? Gary says – Try it on everything!

Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, has a favorite phrase.  When it comes to EFT, Gary says, “Try it on everything!”

Gary’s original EFT website, emofree.com, had hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of pages that gave example of how to use EFT to address a w-i-d-e variety of topics.  And his EFT Training videos covered even more.

My answer to the question “Can EFT Tapping be used for…” is to tell you that personally I have used EFT Tapping to help myself with a myriad of things ranging from being upset about my cat’s passing, to reducing my lactose intolerance, to headaches, to physical pains, and so much more. 

I have worked with clients and helped them get over their fear of flying (that “case study” used to be on emofree.com too) fear of heights, fear of going over bridges, and much more.

The first time I worked with a friend of mine, Kristen Ecstein, I helped her find relief from a migraine headache in just a few minutes. We were both so stunned by the rapidity of her relief that I went on to write my book, Fast Migraine Headache Relief With EFT Tapping, that is available on Amazon.com, as a direct result of her.  I even thank her in the opening paragraph of my book.  For truly, without her having a migraine that day, I wouldn’t have created that book in order to help other migraine sufferers.

What can EFT Tapping be used for? Try it on everything!

“Try it on everything” may sound a little on the overboard side, but as crazy as it sounds, the idea does have merit.  I have personally been astonished at the results I’ve gotten with EFT Tapping.  And that’s especially true when you consider it is a drug-free healing modality that is free to learn.  You can learn EFT Tapping online free by watching my EFT Quick Start Video Learning System and printing out the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet which is also available free.

While EFT Tapping has not yet been “fully recognized” by the traditional US Western Medical Community, there are a number of peer review studies that have been published in respected psychological journals.  Dr. David Feinstein has one of the best examples that I’m aware of at this time: http://tapping4.us/research-feinstein

I’ll be adding lots more EFT Tapping resources and information to WithEFTTapping.com, so be sure to come back often and get the latest tips, tricks, and secrets for making your life even better with EFT Tapping.

Scholarly Research links
Dr. David Feinstein: http://tapping4.us/research-feinstein
EFT Universe – Research Links: http://tapping4.us/research-universe

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