How to do effective EFT Tapping – Testing after Tapping! – #7 in the Fundamentals Series

One of the things that Gary Craig tries to stress in his training is to “test” after doing the effective EFT Tapping work. You want to see if there is any emotional charge left in (or around) the incident.  And if there is any emotional charge left, then you know that more tapping needs to be done. 

Testing your results after  Tapping is an important aspect of effective EFT Tapping

Testing your results after Tapping is an important aspect of effective EFT Tapping

Sometimes you need to get a little bit creative to do the testing.  It is often best to start with “mild” tests before going to the more intense ones.  The testing may be as simple as having the client tell all about the incident and see if any emotion comes up. 

They could have them tell the story from beginning to end, checking each moment, and expected emotional peak, to see if there is any emotional charge left.

A somewhat more aggressive testing could be done by having them close their eyes and VIVIDLY imagine the details, to see if all of the charge is off of the incident.  The key, though, is that they should let you know if anything comes up, because that is an indication that more tapping can be done in order to do even more effective EFT Tapping and get deeper results.

Testing for aspects is important to get the most effective EFT Tapping results.

As mentioned earlier in this series, it is important to break the issue down into it’s component parts, and test from there as well.  While it would be great to help someone get over their fear of seeing a spider, you can get even more effective EFT Tapping results by testing for seeing a moving spider too. Not feeling fear around a stationary spider is not enough.  And remember to test for the spider moving in three-dimensions too.  Testing for a spider falling toward them from above would likely get a significant emotional response if that particular aspect has not been cleared yet too.

After completing an EFT Tapping session with a client, I remind them that if they do feel an emotional response to something similar to what we addressed in-session, it doesn’t mean that EFT Tapping hasn’t worked. It more likely means that they have bumped into a new aspect of that issue that wasn’t addressed during the session. The good news is that if they do run into that situation, they already know how to tap, and they can start tapping right then.  I like to remind my clients that “relief is as close as your fingertips, with EFT Tapping!

If you are new to EFT Tapping, you can learn it quickly and easily with the free EFT Quick Start Video Learning System.  And be sure to print out the EFT Tapping Points Cheat Sheet too.

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