How to do effective EFT Tapping – Tell The Story Technique! – #6 in the Fundamentals Series

One of the tapping strategies that I will often use I refer to as the Tap-And-Tell Technique, and it leads to some very effective EFT Tapping. Basically what I will do is tell the story of what is upsetting to me or what’s bothering me while continuously tapping my way through the EFT tapping points. I will usually do multiple rounds of tapping as I am continuously tapping through the points while I’m telling the story. What I find for myself is that the emotional intensity falls away fairly quickly with a few rounds of tapping.

Tell The Story Technique is great for effective EFT Tapping

Tell The Story Technique is great for effective EFT Tapping

This is a bit of a different approach than Gary Craig teaches in his “Tell The Story Technique” training, which can be found here:   In that case, the idea is to start out by telling the story of the incident, from the beginning.  But you stop to do some EFT Tapping any time that the emotional intensity, or SUDS, increases much beyond a zero.  The idea here is to nibble away at the emotional intensity while it is still relatively low.  You wan to be sure to bring it back down every time it starts to climb, thus minimizing the emotional intensity each step of the way. This process definitely creates very effective EFT Tapping sequences.

One other interesting thing that I’ve noticed when I used the Tap-and-Tell technique, is that my focus and intention will often shift as I go through the tapping process. It’s not at all unusual for my focus to shift to various aspects of an incident as I’m telling the story.

Try the Tap-And-Tell Technique for Effective EFT Tapping

But what I find a little bit surprising sometimes is the realization toward the end of the tapping, that my intention has shifted also. Sometimes, when we are upset because we feel like we have been wronged by someone else, there may be an unstated intention that comes out as part of the tapping – to make that person wrong for doing what they did to us. If you’re anything like me, you may not be “the most kind and generous person” when you’re upset. Sometimes I find that part of my intention with the things that I voice, as I’m tapping and telling the story, is to verbalize how wrong that person is for what they did to me. Especially at the beginning of the tapping sequence, when I’m the most upset about it, I feel totally justified by ranting and raving about how wrong that person was for what they did to me.

The nice thing that I’ve noticed is that by the end of several rounds of effective EFT tapping I will often find that my viewpoint has shifted a bit. There are times where I will shift from being in battle with the person about how wrong they were for what they did, to realizing that they probably were having a bad day also, and were just responding to their triggered state or their upset, and they really were doing the best that they could – in spite of how it may look to the outside world.

Once I get to that point, I know that I really have released the upset and I can move on with my day and not worry about it bothering me more anymore.

I have found this “Tap-And-Tell” technique so useful, that I created a website around that idea. While it may not be as “politically correct” as “Tap-And-Tell” it certainly has a much more memorable name.  Go check it out hereand you can learn how to use “Tap-And-Bitch” to create some effective EFT Tapping for you too!

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