How to do effective EFT Tapping – Tearless Trauma Technique! – #5 in the Fundamentals Series

The Tearless Trauma Technique is a great way to do effective EFT Tapping

The Tearless Trauma Technique is a great way to do effective EFT Tapping

One of the most powerful segments of Gary Craig’s original EFT training, especially for people who had trauma, is what he describes as The Tearless Trauma Technique. If you are not familiar with that, and especially if you or someone you’re working with has trauma in their history which will be addressed with EFT tapping, then I would strongly suggest going back and watching Gary Craig’s Tearless Trauma Technique Training by clicking here:

I remember watching Gary’s training videos called 6 Days At The VA.  Gary worked with some Vietnam vets who had been under the Veteran Administration’s care for a number of years because of their painfully intrusive memories from their Vietnam experience.

Gary used a variety of his best techniques with those Vet’s in order to help them get past their PTSD difficulties.  It was truly amazing to watch the transformation these men went through as they were following along with Gary and tapping through their very traumatic memories.  Gary, always the consummate professional, carefully walked them through the tapping process.  There were so many great tips, tricks, and teaching points in those videos that it’s hard to name just a few.

The three-point craving sequence for effective EFT Tapping

My favorite easy to use tip from that training is for cravings.  He was working with one particular Vet who smoked and wanted to quit.  In addition to the normal tapping approaches that Gary used in session with him, Gary also showed him the three-point craving sequence – Side of the Eye, Collar Bone, and Under the Arm.  Gary taught him to focus on the craving and tap repeatedly through those three points.  It was fascinating to watch the Vet’s face light up as his craving shifted from quite high down to a zero.

That craving EFT Tapping sequence can be used for most cravings in order to “take the edge off of it.”  So next time you find yourself craving something, and you would rather not, try tapping on the SE, CB, UA sequence for yourself, and I’ll bet you find that is a very effective EFT Tapping trick.

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