How to do effective EFT Tapping – Multiple Round Of Tapping! – #4 in the Fundamentals Series

Doing multiple rounds of tapping is very important in order to be able to do effective EFT Tapping

Doing multiple rounds of tapping is very important in order to be able to do effective EFT Tapping

Doing multiple rounds of tapping is probably the most common approach used by people doing EFT.  While we all love the one-minute-wonders, as Gary Craig calls them, it most often takes more than one round to do effective EFT Tapping and get the real results that you want.

It is important to understand what is meant by multiple rounds of EFT Tapping. This gets a little confusing sometimes because you can consider “a round of tapping” either:

A single set of tapping through the Tapping Points,(EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, CB, UA, Top)

or you can consider it

The full sequence of giving the issue a SUDS Rating, then doing the Setup – tapping on the Karate Chop spot while saying the setup phrase and focusing on the issue – along with at least two sets of tapping through each of the points.

I generally think of “multiple rounds of tapping” as it relates to the second scenario.

Use “this remaining…” as part of the setup phrase for effective EFT Tapping with multiple rounds of tapping

When I do multiple rounds of tapping, I always try to remember to change the set up phrase on subsequent tapping rounds to include the phrase, “this remaining…” when I’m describing the .  I will also include, “this remaining…” as I’m tapping through the points. I find that it’s good to acknowledge that I’ve made progress, but at the same time note that there’s still some of the remaining issue to be dealt with using tapping.

The key thing to remember is that the reason to do multiple rounds of tapping is to move from a high intensity, and thus a high SUDS value, down to as close to no intensity, or a SUDS of zero, as you reasonably can.

It is also important to remember to test your results and look for additional aspects to the issue.  You want to completely take the emotional charge off of the entire issue, not just part of it.  And in order do effective EFT Tapping you need to include both multiple rounds of tapping as well as testing your results in order to find those potentially hidden aspects.

I remember Gary talking about tapping for fear of spiders and how a he would address the fear of stationary spider and the fear of a moving spider as different aspects of the fear of spiders. That is also an excellent example of breaking the issue into smaller parts in order to address them with effective EFT Tapping.


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